The MN Women Veterans Initiative (WVI) is a group of women veterans and supportive civilians, who work to improve the lives and well-being of all women veterans through:

I. Advocacy at the state and federal level

  • Based on principles of equality and solidarity
  • Creation and promotion of innovative pilot programs for women veterans
  • Ensuring the involvement of women veterans in planning on all levels
  • Working at the state and federal levels in support of the Equal Rights Amendment
  • Raising awareness of the devastating effects of Military Sexual Trauma {MST}

II. Innovative outreach programs designed to reduce barriers to accessing services, support and participation

  • Sister-Assister ~ Would you like a “Battle Buddy” to accompany you to your Minneapolis or St. Cloud VA Medical Center appointments? Sometimes it’s comforting to have somebody there with us. We have a group of female volunteers ready to assist you.
  • Coffee Talk ~ a casual get together for Women Veterans Only. We meet every 3rd Monday from 5-8pm.

III. Holistic health & wellness programs that address the unique needs of female veterans

  • Women oriented programs grounded in a holistic, integrative approach to wellness
  • Focus on mind, body & spirit
  • Promote health through education, coaching, self-care and wellness practices
  • Tap into the body’s natural healing capabilities
  • Involve individuals as empowered partners

Our bylaws and newsletters are available online.