We are a MINNESOTA group of people, mostly women veterans, working on policy issues related to women veterans in Minnesota.

Women Veterans Initiative (WVI) Mission Statement: To improve the lives and well-being of Women Veterans through access and innovative programs and services. We focus around Networking and Advocacy.

Group Areas of Interest / Improvement are:

  • Outreach
  • Housing
  • Accessibility of Services
  • Gender Specific Therapy
  • Meeting the Needs for Support
  • Network and Educate about Services Available
  • Network Providers
  • Measure and Identify Gaps in Services
  • Identify and Reduce Barriers
  • Increase Access to Mental Health Services through Traditional and Non-traditional Approaches-Wellness and Healing
  • Integrated Consumer Feedback
  • Listening and Feedback
  • Community Resources

We do not have any paid employees, however, maintain a one desk office at the Minnesota Humanities Center at 987 Ivy Ave E., St Paul MN 55106 and are in need of donations to pay our minimal operating expenses.

“The Women Veterans Initiative (WVI) is a member of the Minnesota Women’s Consortium (MWC), the United Veterans Legislative Council (UVLC), and the Minnesota Council of Non-Profits. WVI has a fiscal agent-the MN Humanities Center. Donations will reflect that. The MN Humanities Center is a non-profit established by the state of Minnesota in 1971. It focuses on bringing the unique resources of the humanities to the challenges and opportunities of our times. The Humanities Center Mission is to build a thoughtful, literate, and engaged society. They have a Veterans Voices Initiative that amplifies, honors, and recognizes the stories and contributions of Minnesota Veterans in their own voice through the power of the humanities.