Twin Cities, MN:  Shared with us by Jamie Matthews, MS RN-PHN NE-B, Women Veterans Program Manager.  FYI, VA Women Veterans  group starting soon. Veterans can self-refer.

The Minneapolis VA invites women veterans with concerns related to confidence, choices, values or assertiveness in sexual relationships to attend an EDUCATIONAL CLASS in a supportive environment. The class provides education and support for issues related to sexual health and developing healthy intimacy. Women with sexual trauma histories are encouraged to attend, though this group is not designed for trauma processing. If you or your provider have questions about the group or its appropriateness for you, please ask!


The class will provide information on:

—  Exploring attitudes about sex and determining what is/is not personally comfortable

—  Learning how to speak up about sex and sexual matters to others

—  Developing a deeper understanding of sexual desires and values around sex

—  Developing skills to strengthen overall sexual assertiveness and confidence

When:  The class will meet  Friday, June 2, 2017 from 10:30-Noon and continue for 8 weeks. 

How do I sign up? Discuss with your mental health provider, or contact psychology intern Shani Ofrat at 612-467-3049 if not currently in treatment.

Links for Handouts:  Sexual intimacy Group Referral Guidelines  &   sexual intimacy Group Handout