Leading Classroom Conversations “The Vietnam War”  Saturday Jan 20th 2018

Link:  https://mnhum.org/k12/professional-development-educators/leading-classroom-conversations-vietnam-war/


“Echoes of War” on February 15, 2018 at the MN Humanities Center  Link:  https://mnhum.org/vets/echoes/ 



*****Leading with Excellenc-  Minnesota veteran Ryann Engholm, Captain USMC .

Ryann writes to SOFREP (Special Operations Forces Report-Special Ops News & Intel),

the number one site for authentic, accurate, and timely information related to the

U.S. & Coalition Special Operations Community.


Read Ryann Engholm’s article here…http://sofrep.com/45692/letter-from-female-marine-captain-success-breeds-success-there-is-no-compromise/