To improve the lives and well-being of Women who have served in the military through access and innovative programs and services.


Areas of interest and improvement include:

I. Advocacy

Based on principles of equality and solidarity
Creation and promotion of innovative pilot programs for women veterans
Ensuring the involvement of women veterans in planning on all levels
Working at the state and federal levels in support of the Equal Rights Amendment
Raising awareness of the devastating effects of Military Sexual Trauma {MST}

II. Outreach & Networking

Sister-Assister ~ Would you like a “Battle Buddy” to accompany you to your Minneapolis or St. Cloud VA Medical Center appointments? Sometimes it’s comforting to have somebody there with us. We have a group of female volunteers ready to assist you.
Coffee Talk ~ a casual get together for Women Veterans Only. We meet every 3rd Monday from 5-8pm.

III. Wellness

Women oriented programs grounded in a holistic, integrative approach to wellness
Focus on mind, body & spirit
Promote health through education, coaching, self-care and wellness practices
Tap into the body’s natural healing capabilities
Involve individuals as empowered partners
Our bylaws and newsletters are available online.