1) We Are Woman:

Equality of rights for women is not in the Constitution, say what? Yeah, no kidding!  Right now we rely on a collection of various amendments and laws that sometimes grant us some legal protection from discrimination and other times result in Supreme Court Justices stating outright that our “Constitution does not prohibit discrimination against women.”  

2) Gender Justice:

Gender Justice addresses the causes and consequences of gender inequality, both locally and nationally. We pursue this mission through three interconnected program areas:

* impact litigation
* policy work
* public education and training

In each program area, we seek to highlight the central role of cognitive bias – the subtle but pervasive ways that stereotypes affect our perceptions, decision, and preferences – as a cause of inequality. Likewise, in each program area, we seek to counteract the most harmful consequences of inequality, by working to dismantle the gender-based barriers that keep people from full participation in our economy and our society.

While we believe gender inequality is detrimental for everyone, we focus particularly on the needs of those individuals – such as low-income and immigrant workers – who have traditionally had difficulty accessing justice.

3) MN Women’s Consortium:

We are 150 women’s organizations working together for and in support of women’s issues, rights and freedoms.

4) MN Women’s Press:

News magazine “changing the universe through women’s stories.”

List of Services for MN Women:  Women’s Directory

5) 4 Women’s Issues That Haven’t Changed:

  • Men dominate many of the most esteemed professional fields and get paid more for their work.
  • Work stress disproportionately impacts women.
  • The “freedom” the workplace supposedly offers women sometimes doesn’t feel so free at all.
  • Women are doubling up on work at home and outside the home.

6) Violence Against Women and Children: MN Center Against Violence and Abuse Resource Page

  • Child Abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • Sexual Violence
  • Stalking
  • Trafficking
  • Workplace Violence
  • Youth Violence
  • Questions:

Victim/Survivor Questions

How can I find help for someone in an abusive relationship?
How can I find help for a child that I suspect is being abused?
How can I find service providers in my area?
Whom can I contact for custody and access information?
Where can I get my legal questions answered?
Is it safe for me to use e-mail or the internet to get help?

MN Victim:  Service Providers

What you can do:  Tool Kits

A place for you to:  Research Centers


7) Other List of Resources/Topics/Points of Interest: